Mississippi residents call for oysters, oysters, oysters

File Mar 02, 3 47 17 PM

Actually “oysters & sea grass, oysters & sea grass, oysters & sea grass!”  Last week, I went to the Mississippi Marine Living Resources Summit.  Thinking it was just another networking opportunity, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself contributing to Mississippi’s coastal plan.  Even more pleasantly surprising was the cross section of coastal Mississippi who attended.  There were the usual scientists, engineers, university people, NGO folks and consultants.  But also homeowners, boat owners, beach combers, commercial fishermen & even a group of Vietnamese fishermen.  Everyone there was passionate about their coastal waters and natural resources.

So why the chorus calling for oysters and sea grass?  The consensus is that the natural resources are integral to the very identity of coastal Mississippi.  Oyster reefs & sea grass beds are the foundations of the whole coastal ecology as well as the “canaries in the coalmine” for estuarine health.  By rebuilding the reefs, and bringing back the sea grass beds,  all those other resources (shrimp, crabs, specs, reds etc…) have a chance to thrive.  At the same time, if the oyster reefs and sea grass beds are thriving, you know that you’ve got healthy water.

At ORA Estuaries, we grow oyster reefs into living coastal protection structures.  By combing restoration with engineered infrastructure, we stretch those hard-to-come-by dollars further.

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Thank you so much,

Tyler Ortego, Founder ORA Estuaries