Do you ever sit around and wonder what oyster related technologies have been patented over the years?

Do you ever sit around and wonder what oyster related technologies have been patented over the years? Every day you say? Well, you’re in for a treat. Here’s a sample of prior art from the oyster world.

An oldie but goodie. Here’s a 1969 patent issued to a Charles Voisin Sr. It’s the original oyster dredge, or scraper. Whatever we’re calling it these days.

US3608217A – Oyster dredging system – Google Patents

Another oldie: “Apparatus for freeing the meats from steamed oysters and separating the meats from the shells…” Developed for canning oyster meat, this one uses a rotary drum and high pressure water jets to separate meat and shells from steamed oysters.

Here’s a shucking device of more recent invention. Ernest Voisin patented a method of shucking oysters and eliminating bacteria via high pressure. I’ve actually seen one of these in action (and sampled a fair amount of product).

Hey, I know these guys! “An apparatus and method of reducing the effects of hydrodynamic forces of waves and water currents in coastal environments…”

I’ll try anything once… “ The invention discloses a marine product meat sausage and a making method thereof”

A method that’s gaining some traction here on the Gulf Coast, here’s a floating apparatus for growing oysters.

This discussion wouldn’t be complete without one of the hundreds of aquaculture related patent applications that the Chinese seem to be cranking out by the day. This one is for cultivating a “ quickly-grown Portuguese oysters with golden yellow shells”

I hope you enjoyed this sample of oyster related patent documents. A Google Patent search returns over 95 thousand results. Maybe next time I’ll focus on some of the more novel applications of living oyster resources.

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