ORA Estuaries is proud to represent these carefully selected, proprietary technologies developed specifically for estuarine restoration.  We’re not just salesmen.  Our staff possesses deep knowledge of the fundamental engineering and science behind these products.  We are coastal engineers, research scientists and in some cases the inventors of these technologies.  We can help you to analyze, design and implement projects using our products.

OysterBreak™ and OysterKrete® Technologies

The OysterBreakTM is a patented technology developed by ORA Technologies, L.L.C. designed to use the oyster’s inherent nature of clustering to form a coastal protection structure. The OysterBreakTM system’s design is to be used as an alternative to traditional rock structures. The OysterBreakTM units are to be composed of OysterKrete®, which is a marine grade cement based material designed specifically to grow oysters.

The basic driver behind the OysterBreak’sTM modular ring design was to create a technique by which coastal engineers could use oysters to create a living, engineered structure using the tools within their existing analytical toolbox.  The modular armor units provide unmatched versatility, allowing project designers to manipulate structure geometry to suit the needs of their projects.  The armor unit size is selected for hydraulic stability and cost optimization.  Further variables can be manipulated based on expected rates of oyster growth. “Let the oysters do the work.”

The OysterBreakTM exerts a fraction of the foundation pressure as a comparable rock structure.  These structures can be transported and constructed in shallow water without the need for access dredging.  Vertical oyster growth, combined with a low foundation pressure reduces future maintenance requirements, even in the face of geologic subsidence and sea level rise.

The OysterBreakTM and OysterKrete® technologies are manufactured and distributed by Wayfarer Environmental Technologies in cooperation with ORA Technologies, LLC.

Use OysterBreak™ and OysterKrete® Technology for:

  1. 1. Living shoreline stabilization
- Engineered, biologically dominated wavebreaks
- Living perimeters for dredged material disposal
- Reef faced retaining structures
- Lightweight, low impact construction


2. Estuarine habitat enhancement
- Resilient, elevated sanctuary reefs
- Nutrient and carbon uptake
- Water quality enhancement
- Recreational fishing hot spots