The OysterBreak™ is a patented technology developed by ORA Technologies, L.L.C. designed to use the oyster's inherent nature of clustering to form a coastal protection structure. The OysterBreak™ system’s design is to be used as an alternative to traditional rock structures.

Our Products

ORA Estuaries provides engineering, scientific and regulatory consulting services as well as turn key project implementation to our clients. We combine practical project implementation experience with scientific discipline and aquacultural systems expertise to deliver a unique value proposition to our clients.

Our Services
Who We Are

We are engineers, scientists, inventors and dreamers. We bring our vision to drive the state of practice in estuarine sustainability by eliminating arbitrary barriers between engineering, organisms and their environment.

We have experience in research, product development and public sector project delivery.

We are committed to our values, to our employees, to our clients and to our community.

What We Do

ORA Estuaries is a proud sales organization of the OysterBreak Shoreline Protection System. We do more than just take orders. We help you to implement your projects by assisting with concept development, engineering, typical cross sections, specifications and cost & quantity estimates.

Besides implementation of our products we assist our clients as engineers and subconsultants. We offer design, permitting, NEPA, field investigations, GIS, and aquacultural consulting.

How We Do It

We're not just salesmen. Our team brings a deep knowledge of the fundamental science and engineering behind our products, as well as a wealth of experience in the public sector project delivery process.

ORA Estuaries is committed to developing lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our consulting clients. We work hard to fully understand the needs of our clients and their projects.

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201 St. Charles Ave. 45th Floor
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(225) 372-5570

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